Monday, January 30, 2012

Shakespeare Review

Book talk:  Much has been written about Shakespeare over the years.  Enough to fill whole libraries.  So you might wonder what more such a slim volume could have to offer.  The answer, my friend, is clarity.   You see, the reason the volume is so slim is because we simply don't know that much about Shakespeare.  Much of what has been written about him over the years is hopeful hypothesis or wild speculation.  Bryson skillfully cuts through all the misconceptions and tells the reader what we really know about Shakespeare in this brilliant, brief biography.

Rocks my socks:  Like most theatre students, I've heard a lot about Shakespeare through the years but I'd never actually read a biography of him.  So I was glad to find this book at a charity shop in Scotland for 75p.  It was a sound investment because not only did I walk away with a better understanding of Shakespeare's life and his work, I also got a lot of entertainment, often laughing out loud.  These stories are the kind you want to share after you hear them and share them I did with my poor long-suffering friends. I'm sure Bill Bryson tells them better than I did.

Every book its reader: I'd give this to anyone who wants to know more about Shakespeare's life.  Especially to any Baconists I meet.  Who better than Bill Bryson to set them straight?  (Which reminds me, the first person to claim that Shakespeare didn't write his plays was Delia Bacon, born in 1811 and died "under institutional care in 1859, believing she was the Holy Ghost"  Gahh I'm doing it again--this book is infectious!)

Shakespeare by Bill Bryson 

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