Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Story of Owen Review

The Story of Owen (The Story of Owen #1)

Book talk: Have you ever seen a dragon attack up close? Felt the heat from their flame on your skin and smelled the sulfur in the air? Most people run for cover as soon as one is spotted. It takes a special type of person to run toward that kind of danger. You need bravery, training, agility, skill, and a touch of madness. But slayers aren't the only ones crazy enough to seek out a dragon. Their trusty bards are always close behind. Everyone in Trondheim has great hopes for Owen, the youngest in a long line of dragonslayers. But before he can fulfill his destiny, he and his bard must face a more fearsome foe: his algebra test.

Rave: So many things to love about this novel: the way dragon slaying was woven into a whole alternate history, the way the adult characters are actually good for something while allowing the teens to shine, Owen's awesome dragonslaying and blacksmithing aunts who raise him, the platonic male/female friendship that drives the plot, not to mention the lost art of being a bard. The story is actually told from the perspective of the girl who becomes Owen's bard and it reminded me of Seraphina in that it goes into fascinating detail about music and how her knowledge of it colors her view of the world.

Every book its reader: I'd give this to fans of school and adventure stories. Or anyone that enjoys reading about dragons, so basically everyone. The characters are in 11th grade and the book could certainly be enjoyed by high schoolers (or adults) but there's nothing in it that would be inappropriate for younger readers. I'd say 6th grade and up.

Topics and Trends: dragons, LGTBQ, friendship, music and musicians, Canada, dragons, dragons, and dragons.

Source: school library

The Story of Owen: Dragon Slayer of Trondheim by E.K. Johnston: buy it or check it out today!