Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Museum of Thieves Review

Book talk: The world is a dangerous place.  It's full of war and disease and water to drown in and sharp objects to pierce the skin.  Many children have died throughout history.  Until the city of Jewel was founded.  In Jewel children remain connected to an adult by a chain at all times.  That way they cannot be kidnapped, or lost, or injured.  They expect the children to behave in turn, and if they try to run away or disobey or act too bold or impatient they will get heavy punishment chains to wear.  They may even be taken from their families and put in care.  For their own good, of course.  The system worked very well, until one day when a bomb exploded and a girl named Goldie ran away in the confusion.  Soon she finds herself in a mysterious museum where all the dangerous things the city has outlawed live, waiting to come back out.

Rocks my socks: I love the premise and world of the novel and I think today's coddled children will definitely be able to relate to the children of Jewel.  I also enjoyed the varied characters and the fact that there are adults who try to help the protagonist out.  The museum itself is a fascinating place and I enjoyed discovering some of its secrets including a brizzlehound (I always have loved big dogs.)

Rocks in my socks: While the good characters are fully rendered as three dimensional and believable, the villains do not receive the same treatment.  I think a lot more could have been done with the central question of whether or not children need a little danger in their lives if the guardians genuinely had their best interests at heart and were just trying to protect them.  Instead they were portrayed as unrealistic sadists whose only aim was power.

Every book its reader: I'd give this to anyone grade four and up looking for a fantasy adventure novel.  Fans of dystopian novels will enjoy this in particular.  There's enough to entertain adults and children alike, there is a male and female protagonist, and the audiobook was well read so it would make a good family road trip listen.

Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner

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