Monday, January 9, 2012

Fractured Fables Review

Book talk: You may have heard of Mary Had a Little Lamb and The Frog Prince, but have you heard the story of Mary Had a Little Spam and The Toad Prince?  Check out this comic collection for new twists on your favorite stories.

Rocks my socks: This book was a mixed bag.  I really enjoyed Marie Cruz's The Secret Princess Society.  Overall I'd say I liked about half.  There were some interesting twists and the artwork had a nice variety.  

Rocks in my socks: I'm not sure who this collection is aimed at.  It seems to be marketed for the children but some of the jokes are aimed at a more adult audience.  There's nothing really inappropriate but I'm just not sure younger children will get the punchline of the little mermaid retelling where she turns into beer foam or in "a bad word that no nice girl should ever say unless she catches her husband making a fool of himself with a tart half his age."  Many of them are just uninspired retellings with predictable twists.  Some I felt like I was missing the joke because I was unfamiliar with the artist's work.  One, "Trouble at the North Pole" by Shane White was about global warming and not based off any fairy tale or nursery rhyme I know.  It just confused an already confusing issue and without any context I had no idea what its point was.  

Every book its reader: I'd give it to someone looking for twists on fairy tales or a humorous comic book in grades 4+

Buy it or check it out today!

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