Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lost and Found Review

Book talk: Have you ever found something that you didn't lose?  What would you do if you found something that didn't have a place where it belonged to go back to?  Something that was just plain lost. Would you bring it home?  Would your parents let you keep it?  Would you put it away and forget about it or would you try to take care of it? Or are you too busy to notice a lost thing at all?

Rocks my socks: I have heard a lot of hype about Shaun Tan in the last year so I thought my expectations would be too high going into this and I'd be disappointed.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  Shaun Tan met and exceeded my expectations in this quietly profound collection.  The narration is sparse and the pictures detailed  in a way that complements each other incredibly well and provides the reader with layers upon layers to unearth with each new reading.  Small details like the little red leaf that appears in each picture of the story on depression speak volumes about how even in the darkest times there are patches of brightness if you are willing to look hard enough for them.  Other extras like the ad for industrial-strength red tape in the corner of a newspaper page in an oppressive society add a touch of humor and help to flesh out the worlds Tan creates.  Anyone who has ever felt lost will feel found when they read this collection.

Rocks in my socks: zip

Every book its reader: I'd give this to fans of Sandman or Dave McKean or other ruminative comics and distinctive art.

Lost & Found by Shaun Tan

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