Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Haroun and the Sea of Stories Review

Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Book talk:  Did you ever wonder where stories come from?  Haroun has asked his father the storyteller many times.  Each time he replies that he has a special tap into the Sea of Stories that he draws his inspiration from.  So when he freezes up at a major event, Haroun knows where he must go to fix things.  After tricking a genie Haroun sets off on a trip on the back of a strange bird and embarks on a quest to save not only his father's job, but the Sea of Stories itself.

Rocks my socks:  Haroun meets all kinds of fantastic creatures during his adventure from shadow warriors to floating gardeners.  The book is chock-full of word-play, wit, and aphorisms.  The plot is that of a classic adventure story with a boy setting out from the real world to discover a magical one, meet new companions, and save a world while learning something about himself in the process.  There's a reason this type of story is popular and this is a particularly good example of it.

Rocks in my socks:  The stylized writing felt a tad stiff to me at first but once I got into it I didn't mind at all.

Every book its reader:  I'd give this to kids looking for a classic fantasy adventure like The Wizard of Oz. There's plenty for adults to appreciate, and I'd say it's fine for 4th grade and up.  It would make an excellent read-aloud.

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Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie: buy it or check it out today!

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