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If I Ever Get Out of Here Review

If I Ever Get Out of Here

Book talk: There's a lot that Lewis loves about his life on the Tuscarora Indian reservation: the games of fire ball, his friends and family, and the ease and familiarity that comes from being with your own people. Life outside of the reservation isn't always easy. He's the only kid from the reservation in his advanced class at school, and the other kids never let him forget it. He's never had a friend in his class until George moves to the nearby military base with his family. They hit it off right away and connect over their love of music. But the base and the reservation are very different worlds. Lewis doesn't think George will understand and George can tell Lewis is keeping secrets. Maybe will a little help from his friends, Lewis will learn to let it be.

Rave: This book, set in 1975, has a lot of great musical references that fans of The Beatles and Wings will definitely appreciate. Most of the book feels like it could easily happen today though. Native Americans still face discrimination, vets still have difficulty getting the help they need, military families still move a lot, poverty is still widespread. All this means that even though the novel is set in the past, it has a lot to say about current events and issues.

The characters in this novel are well fleshed out. They are a mix of good traits and bad, they make mistakes while trying to do the right thing, and they help each other out when they're down. I grew to care for all of them and became completely absorbed in their lives even though there's not a fast-paced plot.

Every book its reader: Highly recommended for 8th grade and up looking for a realistic fiction story with strong characterization.

Topics & Trends: the Tuscarora Indians, the 70's, music, The Beatles, poverty, military families, bullying, friendship, #ownvoices, #weneeddiversebooks

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