Sunday, August 30, 2015

Otherbound Review


Book talk: Everyone thinks that Nolan suffers from seizures, but the truth is much stranger. When he closes his eyes, he sees out of the eyes of a girl who lives in a world filled with danger and magic. He is powerless to do anything and she seems unaware of his presence. Until the day Nolan realizes he can control her and sends a message. At first she is terrified, then she is furious, but soon she realizes that they must work together if either of them want to survive.

The premise of the novel is wholly unique. Their connection raises a lot of interesting possibilities and moral questions to consider. I couldn't help but imagine what I would do if something like that happened to me. The girl's story, full of magic, assassins, and princesses in disguise is a great adventure. My favorite part of the book though is how seamlessly the author integrates characters that are diverse in ability, race, and sexuality without turning any of those things into issues that draw focus from the plot.

Rant: I was more invested in the girl's story set in a fantasy world than the boy's in a more mundane reality. They took a while to sync up and it created a bit of an uneven pace. This meant that it took a while for me to read the book even though I really enjoyed it.

Every book its reader: I'd give it to students 7th and up looking for a fantasy adventure.

Topics and Trends: diversity, disability, race, LGBTQ, magic, assassins, princesses


The author has a website with more information about the book.

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