Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Urban Cowboy outfit

The annual fundraiser for my work had the theme of "urban cowboy" this year.  I wasn't thrilled when I originally heard this, but after thinking it over for a while I came up with an idea for an outfit that made me excited for the event.  After looking up some inspiration I decided to create a jean skirt that featured the San Francisco skyline.  I used tutorials from Stitch 7 and Rustique Art to convert an old pair of jeans into a skirt. Then I started cutting out rectangles from the bottom in the shape of skyscrapers.  I used the piece of jeans that I cut out as a template for cutting out the piece of sparkly fabric I was using to represent the buildings.

The sparkles in the fabric are supposed to represent the lights at the windows of the buildings, in related news I over-think things
 Then I pinned the fabric into place along with white piping to emphasize the outlines of the buildings.  I noticed a lot of piping in the cowboy outfits I looked at, so I thought it would be appropriate.

Also, buildings have pipes
 After it was all pinned satisfactorily I sewed it into place.  I went around once close to the edge and once a bit farther out to make it extra secure.

I'd make an excellent head of building security
In addition to generic sky scrapers I added a slit up the side to represent the iconic Transamerica Pyramid

A bit of SF flare
Finally, I added some beads above the buildings to represent a starry sky and hemmed the skirt to finish it up.
A sparkly, I mean starry, night
  The finished product:
a skirt for an urban cowboy
 To add the finishing touches to the outfit I sewed some black fringe onto an otherwise normal vest and put it over a striped black button-up to play with the juxtaposition between cowboy and urban aesthetics.  I borrowed a pair of red cowboy boots to add a splash of color and topped it all off with a black bandanna.

Off to the party--now where did I park my horse?
 The people in charge of the event did a great job of adding a cowboy flair to the urban club we met in.  Although I didn't envy the person in charge of vacuuming the hay out of the carpet when it was all over.

I didn't see any farmers at the party though...it's a shame that they're still not friends with the cowmen

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