Tuesday, October 16, 2012

People say that life is the thing...

....but I prefer reading.  I decided that I liked this quote by Logan Pearsall Smith so much that I needed to put it on a headband.  For the basic background I used this tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew!  I just used scrap fabric I had lying around--some muslin and leftovers from a dress I made.
The blank canvas
 Then I cut up rectangles from other scraps--fabric from old projects, old clothes, etc and ironed these on to some fusible interfacing.
Always keep some interfacing on hand--you never know when you'll run into a robot
Next I cut the pieces into more book-spine shaped rectangles, going back and trimming them until I felt I had a nice variety.  I peeled the backing of the interfacing off and arranged them in a way that looked like a stack of books (hopefully).  When I was satisfied with the way everything looked, I ironed them onto the headband.  
I had plenty of models of book stacks to reference around my apt
 Even though I already fused them on, I sewed them on around the edges using a running stitch in contrasting thread to make the outlines of each book pop.

That's right--I did it for aesthetics, not because I'm paranoid and wanted them extra attached
All that was left was for me to add the words of the quote using embroidery floss.  I typed it up for reference using a decorative font because I didn't want it to be immediately obvious what the quote was.  I was going for a certain look more than anything else.  I probably should have written the quote on using some sort of fabric pen first and embroidered over it but instead I decided to free-hand it.  Because apparently I like driving myself crazy by having to embroider, rip out, and re-embroider things.  
Perhaps I would prefer life to reading if I didn't always insist on making life so difficult for myself
Voila: the finished product! 
A precarious book stack proclaiming a precarious philosophy
 ...and a shot of how it looks like on me to wrap things up.

People say that designer labels are the thing, but I prefer DIY

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