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Book talk: A lone wolf strikes out from his pack and heads south to California. His radio collar allows scientists and animal lovers to follow his progress. Abby watches with excitement as he heads closer to where she lives, but she's also worried. Some people don't want the wolves to come back to their land. Will this one survive?

Rave: Journey alternates between the perspectives of the wolf and a young girl following his progress. The young girl's story provides context and adds tension as she worries over the fate of the wolf. She even participates in a contest to name him. The wolf is from Oregon and the girl lives in Northern California. Even the girl's grandparents as far away as Mexico follow the wolf's progress. This is based on real events and there's a lot of great back matter including the real Journey's path, a timeline of wolf conservation efforts, and questions and activities for a classroom.

Every book its reader: This would be great as a part of a science unit in a classroom, but it's also an excellent story for young wildlife enthusiasts at bedtime. 1st - 3rd grade.

Topics and Trends: wildlife conservation, wolves, picture books

Brain scoop did an excellent episode talking about wolf conservation that gets into wolf and coyote cross breeding and goes further into other topics mentioned in passing in this book. There are scenes in the video that show animal carcasses that are graphic, so preview it before sharing it.

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Journey: Based on the true story of OR7 the most famous wolf in the west by Emma Bland Smith; illustrated by Robin James

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