Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Angelic Layer Review

Angelic Layer: Omnibus Edition, Vol. 1

Book talk:  Misaki has just moved to Tokyo, but she's already involved in the craze that's sweeping the city: Angelic Layer.  Advanced robots born from eggs, these are far more than toys to those in the know.  A headset transmits its controller's will to the robot, which determines how it fights in the ring.  Misaki is new, but with the help of a mysterious scientist and her natural battle instincts she takes the world of Angelic Layer by storm.  But who is her strange benefactor, and how long will her natural talent and luck last?  In the layer, anything is possible.

Rocks my socks:  There's so many things to love about this series!  The premise itself is engaging and as someone who always has a soft spot for robot characters (I'm looking at you Data!) I appreciate the way Misaki cares for her robot and is concerned for her well-being.  Both Misaki and her robot, Hikaru, are great fighters and there's a wonderfully strong female presence throughout.  The male characters are great too and the romance between Misaki and her friend is sweet, although I appreciate that it's just a sub-plot to the main action.  Icchan the scientist had me cracking up with the way he constantly strived to make weird entrances and his intense orders to his assistant.  The creators clearly had a lot of fun with him and even throw in jokes about how much time it takes for him to come up with such elaborate and increasingly ridiculous entrances.  While Misaki and Hikaru both kick some serious butt they also are realistically portrayed as having doubts and weaknesses.  The importance of teamwork is emphasized despite the seemingly individual nature of the game.  Plus, who doesn't love robot fight scenes with elaborate costumes?

Rocks in my socks:  nothing

Every book its reader:  I'd give this to fans of science fiction and battle tournaments 5th grade and up.


Head over to IMDB to watch a trailer for the anime version that works just as well for the comics:

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