Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adaptation Review

****Disclaimer: I am writing this review based on an advance reading copy****

Book talk: Reese was waiting in the airport when it began.  First, she noticed birds plummeting out of the sky and splattering on the tarmac below.  Then the news reports began to come in: bird strikes causing plane crashes all over the continent.  It ended up being lucky that her flight was delayed.  But with all the planes grounded while the crashes were investigated Reese had to find another way home, through now-panicked towns and across the desert.   It's a trip that would change her forever--and she can't even remember what happened.

Rocks my socks: Malinda Lo is a local author and the novel has a distinct San Francisco flare that I love, although living in the area as I do I may be a bit biased.  Most of the novel takes place in San Francisco and the cast is as diverse and quirky as the city itself.  I found the premise interesting but what I really loved was the characters and how each of their individual and unique voices come through.  As a librarian I also appreciated the lesson in critical consumption of the media and the importance of sharing information.

Rocks in my socks: The pacing is a bit uneven.  The beginning and end read like a taut, action-packed thriller while the middle is more focused on character development and relationships, which leads to a much slower pace.  The end was too abrupt for my taste, but I like the way the conflict was resolved.

Every book its reader: I'd give this to fans of science fiction who appreciate both action and character development.  Fans of conspiracy theories and (spoiler) aliens will enjoy this novel in particular.


Malinda Lo has a website with a blog and a lot of extras (including an offer to send signed book plates specially made for her novel Huntress to you if you send her a self-addressed, stamped envelope).  She also has an it gets better video and a list of recommended reading with queer female characters.

ETA: There's a new trailer for the book over on Little Brown's YouTube Channel

Source: Advanced reading copy from #ALA12

Adaptation by Malinda Lo: buy it or check it out today!

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