Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sew 80's

I keep meaning to post updates of the craft and sewing projects I do, but then I find that it is too much effort to take pictures.  That trend comes to an end today, however as I have pictures of the sewing projects I did for an 80's themed benefit for the school I work at that I attended last weekend.  Enjoy!
I made this dress about a year ago.  Apparently teal and polkadots were popular during the 80's (although they are clearly eternally fashionable) so I wore it for the event.

I know from Pretty in Pink that ankle boots were popular in the 80's (all my knowledge of the 80's comes from John Hughes movies) but the only pair I could find in my last-minute, no-car shopping was khaki colored and clearly would not match my outfit.  However, they were on clearance, and so were several pairs of black, lacy tights.  So I bought both and cut up the tights to sew onto the boots so that they'd be black to go with the outfit.  Plus, according to the highly reliable sources I consulted on the internet, lace was a popular element of the 'new romantic' look that was popular during the 80's.  

I used left-over parts of the clearance tights to make these fingerless gloves.  I just cut out a section of the legs then cut three slits into the end and sewed the edges up to make fingers.  I cut a hole in the side for my thumb.  All this was done last-minute the morning of while continuing my research by watching 21 Jump Street.  It was a purely academic interest--as a student of library science I am committed to research.  It had absolutely nothing to do with how adorable Johnny Depp is in it.  

This picture isn't technically related to crafting, but it is related to books.  I got all dressed up to go see the new Jane Eyre movie because darnit all I'm a Charlotte Bronte geek and us geeks like to dress up for movies.  

I am particularly proud of my fancy hairdo, which can be seen here as I consult my tbr bookcase (yes I have an entire tbr bookcase--my stack is that big!)

I hope you enjoyed my crafting pictures.  Perhaps I'll get around to posting my other sewing projects someday.  Maybe I'll even get with it enough to take in-progress pictures.  Maybe I won't.  Either way I feel that this post was worth it just for the title.  Making a good bad pun is its own reward.  

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