Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book Spine Poetry

Over at 100 Scope Notes the count down to National Poetry Month has begun with an accompanying request for book spine poems.  I posted some poems I made last year along with some made by my students, so this time I decided to challenge myself by using a more limited pool.  For these poems I used only books that I own. Furthermore the first poem was made entirely from books that I have read and enjoyed while the second was made from my tbr shelf (which had a worryingly large number of titles to choose from).  It seems that I'm just as long-winded with my poems as I am in the rest of my life, so they both ended up being epic poems telling a story.

First we have an adventure story exuding confidence, befitting all the journeys the books on my 'read' shelf have taken me on and all the love and attention I have given them:

Next we have a tale of longing justly reprimanding me for my neglect from the books on my tbr shelf:

Hey, I've been busy.  I'm working full time and going to grad school and I have to focus on reading books I can recommend to kids for now.  Cut me some slack, I'll get around to you when I can!  Jeesh, those tbr books can be a bit pushy sometimes.

So what are your shelves trying to tell you?

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