Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Book is Not Good For You Review

****Warning: This review contains spoilers for the previous books in the series****
Book Talk: Cass and Max-Ernest are up against their deadliest enemy yet: chocolate!  But not just any chocolate (regular chocolate is only dangerous to Max-Ernest with his allergies) this chocolate is so pure and strong that it can send you back in time--and it can only be made with a tuning fork, but not a regular, musical tuning fork, an ancient Aztec magic device that has been brought to Africa, or is it Central America, and well, maybe you shouldn't read this book anyways, after all it's certainly not good for you.

Rocks My Socks: What's not to love about chocolate!?  On a more serious note Cass and Max-Ernest really get a chance to grow in this novel and explore who they are with Cass coming to terms with her adoption and Max-Ernest re-evaluating his identity.  The continued sense of rivalry between Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji is an amusing undertone as well, although not prominent enough to be distracting.  Speaking of Yo-Yoji let's just say I got a chance to practice my Japanese a bit in this novel, and let's also strongly hint that he may or may not act like a samurai in a pleasing and hilarious fashion (I guess I'm no better at keeping a secret than our notorious narrator.)

Rocks In My Socks: I don't really like what bosch did with Max-Ernest's parents in this book.  The portrayal of the principal also rubbed me the wrong way a bit.  Presenting her as strict and annoying is one thing, but it goes a bit far for me in this book.  As an elementary school employee though I am admittedly biased in this regard.

Every Book Its Reader: Fans of the last two books will love this third installment in the series.  They'll also appreciate the chocolate recipes in the back.

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