Friday, August 20, 2010

Book Review Format

I'm going to try a new format for my book reviews to make them more uniform and hopefully less rambling.  I'll use this post to explain the new set up:

Book Talk: This is where I'll give the summary of the book and try to pique your interest in the plot.

Rocks My Socks:  This is the where I'll discuss the parts of the book that I really enjoyed--the reasons why I'd recommend it. 

Rocks In My Socks:  This is where I'll discuss the parts of the books that really irritated me, both big and little.  See what I did with the phrasing there, aren't I clever?

Every Book Its Reader: This is comes from Ranganathan's five laws of library science; it is the third law. This is where I'll discuss who I'd recommend the book to based on interests, genre, age range, etc.  The framing of this section in Raganathan's laws is to remind me that even though I might not love a certain book, there's someone out there who will.  My opinion isn't any more important or right than anyone else's.  This is why I'll try to state clearly what I did and didn't like about a book so that it's easier for someone to identify whether those would be pros or corns for them personally instead of just giving a book a star rating of my own personal preference. 

So that's it, the new format.  With work and school starting on Monday and Wednesday, respectively I don't know how much free reading I'll be doing, but I still have quite a few books from these last couple of weeks of summer to review so at least those will be nice and organized, and organization always makes me happy so that's good. 

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